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Student Comments

Lisa First
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"After about a year, every movement is easier and things I never expected are possible. Patiently and gently, Lisa teaches the Alexander Technique beginning wherever the student is. We learn clear, sound principles that help us focus attention, inhibit unwanted efforts, and reorganize patterns. Lisa is a very skilled teacher, generous with her rich practical insights, ideas, and images. She shows such joy in practicing that each class is a pleasure..." 
–— Marilyn

“I first went to see Lisa because of pain due to repetitive stress. Thanks to her teaching, that pain is gone along with many other hurts and aches for which I was not seeking treatment. Lisa is an excellent instructor; her work benefits greatly from her 20 years of teaching and her continuing involvement in the national and international Alexander communities. We are lucky to have her in the Twin Cities.
–— Mary

"I think Lisa is the best Alexander Teacher in the Twin Cities for so many reasons. She goes out of her way to make the work accessible to minorities, youth and those with disabilities. I am so lucky to have met her in a Community Ed class setting. When I started working with her in private lessons my body, my perspective and my whole life started to change profoundly. Lisa’s cheerful, fun-loving approach is such a lovely complement to her wealth of experience and expert mastery of the teachings."
–— Kristin, Artist

"As a musician and flute teacher I have found the Alexander work to be invaluable for myself and my students. I appreciate the new insights I've gained about my total coordination and am glad to have a method of working that helps me stay healthy and perform to my full potential. Lisa's creative teaching and encouragement are very inspiring and motivational and her interest in exploring new ideas keeps her approach fresh and fun!"
–— Emily, Musician

“My back pain started due to repetitive lifting at work, and continued after I quit the job and became a full-time student. Along the way I found many helpful therapies, but the pain returned a few days later or with certain activities. When I began to work with Lisa, my back finally felt better than it had in years. with less tension. Sure, the Alexander Technique was only one piece of the puzzle, but for me it was a turning point. With Lisa I realized I could move and understand how my habits were interfering… Lisa’s approach is gentle and supportive, but very skilled. Lisa amazes me in her ability to immediately see where I’m holding tension, and gently redirect my movement. I experience positive change through her guidance and light touch, and learn new tools for self-care.”
–— Natalie, Licensed Acupuncturist  

“My work with Lisa has had a profound impact on the way that I approach practice and performance, and indeed, on the way I choose to live my life! Learning about the Alexander Technique with Lisa has been a privilege and a pleasure.” 
–— Iris, Taiko Performer, Composer & Teacher 

“Learning and experiencing the Alexander Technique with Lisa First has been very useful in all my everyday activities. As a musician I sought a way to incorporate my body in my playing to avoid physical injury and to combat "nerves" in performance. The Alexander Technique has been helpful in learning about my own habits and about how to maintain a good relationship with your body to enjoy the ride in performance.”
–— Paula, Musician  

“I came to the Alexander Technique both as a professional graphic designer stuck at a computer all day and as a long time hobbyist singer-songwriter-guitarist. I was beginning to notice nagging back, neck, and wrist pains sitting at my desk, and on the musical front I had always felt somewhat limited in my singing ability… “The experience after just a few lessons with Lisa was astonishing, and I began a process of discovering new things about my various pursuits and the way I approach my life in general that continues to this day. I especially appreciate Lisa’s background in dance, as I think this brings a whole-body understanding to her teaching that can really open up the thinking of a typical musician or anyone who spends a lot of time with predominantly mental rather than physical activities. Alexander Technique is now a welcome and permanent part of how I live my life. Thanks Lisa!”
–— Eric, Musician  

"The Alexander Technique is by far the best "self-improvement" I have ever done. The changes were subtle, yet… ended up being life transforming…. "My back and hip pains from years of handball were almost entirely eliminated. Now, when they return, I can use the Technique to find and release the sources of discomfort…”.

"On a larger level, it transformed my experience of the world and my presence within it. It gave me a new level of awareness of my entire body and my kinetic sense. I have a tendency to spend a lot of time inside my own head and I used to shrink from the world. The Alexander Technique helped me be more comfortable with taking my own "space" in the world and allowed me to realize there is a lot more to me than just my mind. It almost completely re-formed my internal model of myself. It gave me a confidence of being that I did not have before… All this translated to more respect from others and improved all my relationships with other people."

"Lisa First is a first class person and teacher. She is very encouraging and very supportive. She is very easy to learn from. Her classes are a pleasure to participate in. I have had all my Alexander Technique training through her, so she is responsible for the incredible results I have had."

–— Luke, Engineer